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  1. Expand CPS wrap-around services for students and families, including counseling, school-based health, arts, sports, and other enrichment activities. There will be:
    1. A Collaboration with the Chicago Park District
    2. A new initiative to strengthen the transitions between public schools and City Colleges
    3. A Partnership with Cook County Board health systems, to create school based health clinics, and
    4. Recruitment of Corporations, foundations and individuals to support and fund these efforts
  2. Recruit, support, and retain high-quality, culturally competent teachers
    1. My administration will develop a Chicago Teacher Fund to cover the cost of two years of college tuition for high-performing City of Chicago residents (students who maintain a 3.0 gpa) who pursue degrees in education at state schools.
      1. The City of Chicago will partner with universities like the University of Illinois to support programs like the Black Male Initiative that trains Black Male teachers. Studies show that African American students are more successful when they have black male teachers and only 665 of 21,000 Chicago Public School teachers are Black Males, that’s only 3%.
      2. By investing in teachers, we will begin to address the deplorable drop-out rates that are excessive in some communities. For example, 54.8% of the young people in South Lawndale drop-out of school. Investing in recruiting, supporting, and retaining high-quality, culturally competent teachers will curb those statistics.
    2. We will expand the CPS Teacher Homebuyer Assistance Program for highly qualified school teachers who are first-time homebuyers in Chicago from the stagnant $3,000 per teacher in closing cost and down-payment assistance to $7,000 per teacher or $15,000 to teachers who are returning to the neighborhoods they grew-up in.
  3. Convert closed Chicago Public Schools and other city-owned spaces into trade schools and community centers.
    1. The City will coordinate with CPS to allow foundations, corporations, community based organizations and residents to pitch ideas to convert these facilities into spaces designed to fully meet the needs of Chicago residents.
    2. The facilities will be retrofitted to offer access to skill training in the trades, after-school and weekend programs including tutoring to kids, mentoring to parents, skills training to struggling job-seekers, mental health services, and reentry programs.

    In addition to addressing Equity in Education, we must ensure that we have an INCLUSIVE ECONOMY:
    The unemployment rate of black youth in the City of Chicago has been reported as high as 45% in some recent reports. In a City that has a $600B+, the 21st largest economy in the world, this is unacceptable. 60% of African Americans between the ages 20 – 24 year olds only 23.7%. As Mayor I will:

  4. Expose Chicago youth to new career opportunities and the trades
    1. There are programs such as those organized by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce that are very successful. I want the Chamber’s program to be scaled to reach more students. In addition, as Mayor I will work with major unions to ensure that they offer an array of pathways to training and employment. We have to bring workers from many fields into schools — weekdays, nights, weekends, so our young people are aware of all of the possibilities they have out there. These programs could event expand to offer students vital help in learning HOW to enter whatever industry piques their interest, HOW to apply and interview for jobs, and HOW to behave professionally at work.
  5. Create a connected workforce by developing the technical skills of Chicago residents
    1. Chicago needs an expansive workforce. This includes: Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Programmers, Technicians, Mechanics, Millwrights, Masons, Operators, Drivers. As Mayor I will create and promote more trade schools.
    2. There needs to be a reduction in restrictive barriers for formerly incarcerated people. They need job security and access to the trades can provide that.
    3. We must eliminate barriers to the trades by including A CERTIFICATE BASED TRAINING PROGRAM and INTERNSHIPS in Chicago Public Schools. Just imagine a student learning trade skills in high school, having an internship to hone his skills, and then graduating with a CPS diploma in addition to a training certificate that can guarantee that they are employable in the trade of their choice. That would be transformative for that student and his or her family!
  6. Establish a social investment fund to promote community entrepreneurship
    1. Some of our students want to be entrepreneurs. As mayor I will develop a Small business Mentoring Program that connects students with Chicago’s small business community
    2. I will also create more public-private partnerships to fuel small business growth and sustainability. Successful small businesses are the backbone for an even more successful Chicago.

    Our youth need EQUITY IN EDUCATION, access to an INCLUSIVE ECONOMY and SAFER COMMUNITIES. We have to address the overcriminalization of our young people. As Mayor I want our youth to be involved in how to address our high Incarceration rate:

  7. I propose to establish an Office of Violence Prevention to reduce systemic inequities, measure impact, and coordinate community efforts. Young leaders will have the opportunity to serve in this office to ensure they are at the table to develop and initiate ideas that will prevent violence.
    1. Together this office will explore alternative models for community safety and expand restorative justice initiatives
  8. My administration will enhance police training protocols and renegotiate commitments between community members and police to restore healthy, respectful relationships. We all know that what exists now isn’t what we want it to be. We need to re-envision CPD’s relationship with the community.
    In addition to EQUITY IN EDUCATION, access to an INCLUSIVE ECONOMY, and creation of SAFER COMMUNITIES, as Mayor I will promote HEALTHFULNESS for an improved QUALITY OF LIFE for our young people:
  9. I want to make Chicago the most insured city in the nation
    1. We need to promote health prevention. Youth need to be empowered to keep their bodies healthy through nutrition, exercise, and planned check-ins with a health professional
    2. I will Increase access to mental and behavioral services to promote not only healthy bodies, but also healthy minds, and
    3. I will invest in treatment for substance use disorders that will be judgement free.


  10. Our young people are brilliant. Often times we don’t give them the opportunity to add their ideas to to policy in a meaningful way. As Mayor I will propose a Youth-Led Advisory Council for Leadership Development. I would like to see student/youth representation on various councils and boards. For instance, there should be a students/youth representative on the CPS Elected School Board. I think that this is timely, necessary, and their input will be invaluable.

    This is just the beginning, at Mayor I am looking forward to working with young leaders such as the
    youth present with me today to implement and expound on this 10 Point Plan to Support Youth ensuring
    EQUITY IN EDUCATION, access to an INCLUSIVE ECONOMY, creating SAFER COMMUNITIES to grow and thrive, and promotion of HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE. My administration will be TRANSPARENT, EQUITABLE, and ACCOUNTABLE to them and to all Chicagoans.