One Chicago: Powered by People
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  • Recruit, support, and retain high-quality, culturally competent teachers
  • Invest in Chicago educators through tuition reimbursement programs, on-going professional development, and home-buying incentives
  • Expand CPS wrap-around services for students and families, including counseling, school-based health, arts, sports, and other enrichment activities
  • Convert closed Chicago Public Schools into community centers
  • Expand adult education opportunities through technical and trade schools
  • Invest in early childhood education and community-based preschools
  • Provide students with exposure to diverse career opportunities and workforce development programs
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  • Create a connected workforce by developing the technical skills of Chicago residents
  • Establish a social investment fund to promote community entrepreneurship
  • Revitalize vacant and abandoned properties to develop affordable housing
  • Create paths towards homeownership through innovative financing options for Chicago residents
  • Expand adult education opportunities through technical and trade schools
  • Eliminate current fee structures that financially burden city residents (e.g. red light cameras, boots, and high/disproportionate property taxes)
  • Establish Chicago as an advanced manufacturing hub and leader in green technology
  • Develop a comprehensive quality of life plan for ex-offenders to reduce recidivism and promote full economic and social integration
  • Collaborate with state and federal government to increase the amount of returning federal dollars, growing the city’s revenue base without increasing taxes
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  • Establish an Office of Violence Prevention to reduce systemic inequities, measure impact, and coordinate community efforts
  • Expand mental health services and fund holistic health programs
  • Increase investment in Chicago Park Districts, community centers, youth employment and entrepreneurship programs
  • Explore alternative models for community safety and expand restorative justice initiatives
  • Enhance police training protocols and renegotiate commitments between community members and police to restore healthy, respectful relationships
Doctor talking to the elderly man


  • Promote universal health care – make Chicago the most insured city in the nation
  • Become “The City that Moves” by funding active lifestyle programs and expanding outdoor recreation across communities
  • Create a comprehensive community recycling programs
  • Invest in public transportation infrastructure to reduce commute times
  • Work to end homelessness – Click HERE for Rep. Ford’s position statement
  • Address the heroin/opioid addiction crisis – Click HERE for Rep. Ford’s position statement
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  • Establish an elected representative school board
  • Support the creation of a Civilian Police Accountability Council
  • Immediate moratorium on new TIFs – improve TIF laws to ensure equity
  • Invest in public transportation infrastructure to reduce commute times
  • Implement fair contracting process